Studies in International Literatures and Cultures (SILC) subjects are taught in English. These subjects offer either a specific or comparative focus on global cultures and provide students the opportunity to examine a range of global cultures. SILC subjects are an excellent way for students, regardless of foreign language proficiency to deepen their understanding of other cultures.

SILC subjects may be applied to the SILC Concentration. Learn more about the SILC Concentration requirements at the Academic Programs page. The SILC Concentration advisor is Eva Dessein.

Spring 2024

21G.011 Topics in Indian Popular Culture
21G.042 Three Kingdoms: From History to Fiction, Comic, Film and Game
21G.044 Classics of Chinese Literature in Translation
21G.058 Race and Migration in Europe
21G.065 Japanese Media Cultures
21G.077 Introduction to the Classics of Russian Literature
21G.086 Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917 to the Present
21G.095 Cultures of Popular Music in East Asia: Japan, Korea, China