Intercultural exchanges, with an Asian focus

Although many online intercultural exchanges have been conducted based on the groundbreaking Cultura model, most to date have been between and among European languages. Cultura-inspired Intercultural Exchanges, issued in July, presents several chapters with a focus on exchanges involving Asian and Pacific languages. The volume is published by NFLRC, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Dorothy M. Chun (Ed.) (2014)


Cultura: From Then to Now. Its Origins, Key Features, Methodology, and How It Has Evolved. Reflections on the Past and Musings on the Future | Gilberte Furstenberg & Sabine Levet

A Meta-Synthesis of Cultura-Based Projects | Dorothy M. Chun

A Tale of Two Cultures | Meei-Ling Liaw & Kathryn English

Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence Through Online Exchanges | Dorothy M. Chun

Intercultural Learning on the Web: Reflections on Practice | Song Jiang, Haidan Wang, & Stephen Tschudi

UH-UCLA Filipino Heritage Café and the Fil-Ams’ Quest for Identity | Nenita Pambid Domingo

A High School Japanese and English Intercultural Exchange Project: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation | Yukiko Watanabe, Yoichi Tsuji, & Cindy Wong