The Dissolve Inequality:  Music Summit @ MIT was held on Wed. March 16 at MIT to discuss what music can teach us about reducing inequalities: gender, racial, economic, and more. Speakers included a keynote panel with musicians: Shing02 (emcee from Japan); Flash (emcee with NBS); Amy Bellamy (piano, with The A-Beez). A panel of scholars included Nancy Baym (Microsoft Research); Toshiya Ueno (Wako U, Japan); Sandy Alexandre (Literature, MIT); Eva Heinstein (New England Conservatory); and Ian Condry (Global Studies and Languages, MIT).

A concert was held that evening at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge featuring Sing02, N.B.S., and the A-Beez.

Shing02. Photo below by Holly Haney.

The A-Beez. Photo below by Holly Haney.