Hajj Wafaa will give an overview and demonstration of Arabic calligraphy.

Wednesday, February 21
Time: Noon

Bush Room (10-105)

Following the presentation, students will have an opportunity to ask Mr. Wafaa to write their names in Arabic calligraphy.

A freelance calligrapher, Mr. Wafaa has taught Arabic calligraphy classes in Boston since 2004, including at the Center for Arabic Culture in Somerville.

Originally from Iraq, Mr. Wafaa became a refugee during the first Gulf War in 1991. He lived in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia for 6 years.  There he spent 12 hours a day practicing calligraphy on scraps of paper – with ink he made from crushed berries and pens he made from sticks of wood.  His calligraphy practice helped him survive. Writing ancient surahs (verses) from the Quran brought him a sense of well-being and spiritual strength. It gave him hope.