Join Global Languages and MISTI to learn about participating in language learning and international experience during your time at MIT.

As part of CAPD’s Career Exploration series, Global Languages joins with MISTI to host a panel of alumni to discuss the impact language and cultural competencies have on their varied career paths. Q&A follows presentations.

Virtual event. Zoom ID (MIT authentication required)

Marwa AlAlawi, SB ‘20
Mechanical Engineering. Language: Japanese. MIT-Japan. 

Isaac Lozada, SB ‘10
Environmental Engineering. Language: Spanish. MIT-Mexico. 

William Rodriguez, SB ‘18
Computer Science and Engineering. Languages: French, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

Joshua Woodard, SB ‘18
Mechanical Engineering. Languages: Chinese (Mandarin). 

Piper Sigrest, SB ‘18
Aero-Astro Engineering. Languages: Russian.

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