Compared with STEM fields, second language (L2) education has only recently begun to embrace open education and the new knowledge ecologies it produces. L2 educators may have been hesitant to participate in the open education movement due to a lack of research which investigates the benefits and challenges of L2 learning and teaching in open environments. This talk contextualizes open education in L2 learning and teaching in terms of a complex, dynamic ecology, along with a discussion of how the open movement affects L2 education beyond the classroom context.  Also discussed will be the new ways of creating, adapting and curating OER for language learning.

Carl S. Blyth is Associate Professor of French Linguistics, and Director of the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. His research interests include discourse analysis, intercultural pragmatics and language learning technology.

Carl Blyth’s talk will be drawn from his book recently published by Multilingual Matters. Open Education and Second Language Learning and Teaching: The Rise of a New Knowledge Ecology. The book is published under an open copyright license that makes if free to download (either as a PDF or EBook). The book itself is a concrete example of Open Education and open scholarship.

Presented by Global Languages Pedagogy Lecture Series.

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