On April 30, the German awards for excellence celebration was held, hosted by MIT Global Languages German group and MIT-Germany.

Speakers and presenters included Per Urlaub, Director of MIT Global Languages; Bettina Stoetzer, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Dagmar Jaeger, Senior Lecturer in German; Abigail MacKenzie, MIT-Germany; Elizabeth von Wagner, Cultural and Press Affairs, Consulate General of Germany; and Jörg Süßenbach, Director Goethe Institute Boston.

This year’s first prize winner is Willow Huang, ’25, for her essay “Auswirkungen des Münchener Olympia Attentats auf die Wahrnehmung des Terrorismus” written in 21G.410 Communication for Professionals. She won a round-trip ticket to Germany. Heartfelt Congratulations! Additional prizes were awarded as well. Please find the complete list of this year’s winners here.

This year’s prize is sponsored by Global Languages, MIT-Germany, and the Consulate General of Germany, Boston.


First Prize winner Willow Huang (left), who won a round-trip ticket to Germany, with Abby MacKenzie, MIT-Germany (right).

Jörg Süßenbach, Director of the Goethe Institute Boston, with one of the second prize winners, Jordan Tierney

Elizabeth von Wagner, Consulate General of Germany (left), Bettina Stoetzer, Associate Professor of Anthropology at MIT (right)