Clockwise from top left: Catherine Wu, Alexis D’Alessandro, Abigail Bertics, and Samira Okudo

GSL is pleased to congratulate four of our concentrators, Abby Bertics BS ’19 (Russian Concentrator), Alexis D’Alessandro BS ’19 (Portuguese Concentrator), Samira Okudo BS ’19 (Spanish Concentrator), and Catherine Wu BS’19 (Spanish Concentrator), who have won Fulbright Fellowships this year. From the MIT News story:

Abigail “Abby” Bertics will graduate in June with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering and computer science. Her research in Yekaterinburg, Russia, will focus on natural language processing methods for understanding English second language acquisition by Russian speakers.

Alexis D’Alessandro will graduate this spring with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. For her research in Aracaju, Brazil, she will develop an educational program and chemical sensing tool to promote water safety awareness among children.

Samira Okudo will graduate in June with a joint bachelor of science in computer science and comparative media studies. As an English teaching assistant in Brazil, she will work with university students training to be English-language instructors.

Catherine Wu will graduate in June with a bachelor of science in biology. She will be working with university students in Brazil as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant.