First Prize winner Riley Davis (on right) with MIT-Germany Director Justin Leahey

On May 2, 2019 the German Group, together with students of German and invited guests, celebrated the students’ accomplishments in German during the academic year. Sponsored by GSL and MISTI-Germany, the Award honors students who exhibit strong language skills and creativity in the study of German language and culture in courses at MIT.

Guests and supporters of the German program at MIT at this year’s Award Ceremony included Kerstin Hämmerling of the Goethe Institute Boston, Elizabeth von Wagner, Culture and Press, German Consulate General Boston as well as Emma Teng, Head of GSL and Justin Leahey, Director MIT-Germany.

The 29 entries written in German show a wide range of topics and styles. Entries include a paper about the role of a scientists in society, a modern fairy tale (à la Grimm Brothers), a poem reflecting on the changes that come about with a growing city, and a research paper on immigrants in Germany. Congratulations to everyone!

Winners of the German Studies Excellence Award 2019

First Prize

  • Riley Davis, course 2, class of 2019, for her paper Die Straße nach Deutschland  – How Refugees Re-Purpose the Technology of the Migration Apparatus from 21G.418 Migration and Race in a New Europe

Second Prizes

  • David Darrow, course 18, class of 2021, for his poem “without title” form the class 21G.402 German II
  • Kaleigh Hunt, course 10, class of 2020, for her paper Die Stadt als symbolischer Raum from 21G.417 Cultural Geographies of Germany

Third Prizes

  • Valerie Chen, course 6, class of 2021
  • Charles Gertler, course 12, G
  • Janille Maragh, course 1, G
  • Margarita Misirpashayeva, course 24, class of 2020
  • Chelsea Spencer, course 4, G
  • Jake Valente, staff, MIT Press
  • Chase Vögeli, course 18, class of 2020
  • Luo Xuan, course 4, G