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The Global Languages awards aim to highlight and celebrate the passion and devotion our students invest in language and cultural education at MIT.

Joyce Roberge, Global Languages’ Academic Administrator, said, “Whether it is to get to closer to their own heritage or to make connections with new people and cultures through travel and work experiences, it is very gratifying to see so many students living out the mission and values of Global Languages and how they will continue to do so for years to come.”

Global Languages Director, Professor Emma J. Teng, offered her warm congratulations to all our 2020 prizewinners, saying, “The excellence these students have demonstrated, even in the face of new challenges, is a testament to their dedication to and enthusiasm for learning global languages and cultures. As is true every year, we had stiff competition, and we wish we could have awarded prizes to all!”

Excellence Awards

Kaleigh Hunt, ’20, ChemE / German – First Prize. An exceptional student, extremely conscientious and committed to expanding her intellectual and cultural development, she delights in exploring the intricacies of the German culture and language, performing consistently in speaking and writing in fluent German.

Madeleine Kline, ’20, Chemistry Major / Minor in Spanish – recipient of the Margarita Ribas Groeger Distinguished Scholar award. She embodies a commitment to language learning as a vehicle to effect real social change. Her passion for Spanish led her to pursue a minor in the field and fueled her desire to help solve healthcare challenges among disadvantaged communities in Latin America.

Nia Myrie, ’20, Biological Engineering / Chinese  – recipient of the Ellen Crocker Distinguished Scholar award. She combines hard work and determination to learn Chinese with a passion for the Chinese culture and language–including her interest in marrying Chinese and Jamaican dance and music!

Miyagawa Japanese Prize

Tuyet Pham and Zhengkai Huang have been selected as winners for this year’s Miyagawa Japanese Prize. It has been our great pleasure to see their growth and accomplishment as learners since they started taking Japanese at MIT. Their enthusiasm for learning Japanese language and culture has always stood out, and they have had an outstanding attitude in class, with their active participation and cooperation with others. We can easily imagine that they both will continue to learn the language, culture and society of Japan beyond MIT and make positive contributions in global settings in the future. Congratulations, Pham-san and Huang-san!

Tuyet Pham, ’21, EECS, minor in Japanese

Zhengkai Huang, ’21, Chemistry, concentrator in Japanese

German Studies Excellence Awards

Sponsored by GL and MISTI-Germany, the Award honors students who exhibit strong language skills and creativity in the study of German language and culture in courses at MIT. Congratulations to everyone! Special thanks to the MIT-Germany Program and Managing Director, Justin Leahey. More information on the German Studies Excellence Awards 2020 recipients.

First place: 
Kaleigh Hunt, ’20, Chemical Engineering and German

Second place: 
David Darrow, ’22, Mathematics/Minor in German
Tyndale Hannan, ’20, Physics/Minor in German
Jaeyoung Jung, ’21, EECS/Concentration in German
Chase Vogeli, ’20, Mathematics/Minor in German

Third place:
Stefan Damchevski, ’23
Savannah Lawrence, ’23
Kyle Markland, ’22, Materials Science and Engineering/Minor in German

Honorable Mention:
Margarita Misirpashayeva, ’20, Linguistics & Philosophy
Charles Roques-Carmes, grad

Isabelle de Courtivron Writing Prize

See Writing Prize awards page