Global Languages is currently recruiting undergraduate students to serve as ambassadors for the language group in which they have been actively engaged, who will represent the language group at certain on-campus promotional events throughout the academic year, disseminate information and promotional materials to the MIT undergraduate community, and to organize and host informal gatherings for GL students around themes related to language and cultural exploration to build community and provide opportunities for learning and fun outside of the classroom.

From the applications received, one student for each language will be selected by a committee composed of Global Languages lecturers and staff members to serve as the ambassador throughout the AY2024-2025 academic year.


  • Must be an undergraduate actively engaged with Global Languages as a current student, with preference given to declared concentrators/minors/majors in one of GL’s language programs
  • Must be a returning student in AY2024-2025


  • Represent language groups at promotional events, i.e., Academic Expos, and, whenever possible attend events sponsored by their respective language groups
  • Disseminate information via email/social media about news and events to their student networks/associations
  • Distribute printed materials in their living spaces and elsewhere on campus
  • Serve on GL Steering Committee by attending two meetings per year, one in fall and one in spring, to discuss catalog and curriculum items (only two students needed for each meeting)
  • Organize and host informal events, such as game nights and book clubs, etc.
    • Students can come up with their own ideas and GL provides funding and logistical support


  • Leadership experience
  • Socializing/fun
  • Creative opportunities


  • The Academic Administrator serves as the “point person” for the student ambassadors to review ideas for activities and events, allocates the budget and takes care of reimbursements, and assists with any logistical planning
  • Students are free and encouraged to collaborate with GL instructors on events planned and hosted by language groups

Application Process:

  • Fill out the online application form
  • Applications are reviewed by GL instructional and administrative staff
  • All applicants are contacted by April 8, 2024

Questions? Contact Joyce Roberge.