With close to 600 votes counted, the winner is in! Choosing among four finalists, Viviann Hir’s video was declared the Grand Prize Winner. Pictured above is a screen-shot from Hir’s video. Narrated in Chinese, the video is about her dorm, French House, and how nightly dinners, prepared by students, create a warm environment to make new friends among diverse members of the MIT community.

The contest invited students to submit a 60-second video describing what they love about MIT in a language they are learning at MIT. Four finalists were selected based on level-appropriate language accuracy, clarity, and creativity. Then the voting was thrown open to anyone to select a Grand Prize Winner among them.

Global Languages congratulates Vivian, and thanks Madeline, Michael, and Theo for their excellent videos! Enjoy watching all four below.

Note: Captions are available in the spoken language and English using the CC button.

Chinese – Grand Prize Winner

Vivian Hir (Class of ’25) says a dorm isn’t only a place where a student lives–it’s also a student’s home.


Japanese – Finalist

Michael Iglesias (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Class 0f ’23) shares fond memories of cooking and baking with friends, even when he should be studying.


Korean – Finalist

Madeline Wang (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Class of ’22) describes how she will never forget the friends she made at MIT.

Portuguese – Finalist

Theo St. Francis (Aeronautics and Astronautics, Class of ’23) shares an original poem entitled “O que que aconteceu?” [“What Happened?”]