Hee-Jeong Jeong, Senior Lecturer in Korean, reported on this year’s Hangeul Day celebration.

The Korean Language Program had a blast celebrating the 577th Hangeul Day on October 12, with various enjoyable activities. Students relished delicious Korean food, had a great time with trivia quizzes on Korean language and culture, and got creative by making traditional Korean kites.

The event went beyond just celebrating; it was a fantastic opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Korean traditions and have fun while doing so.

Korean Alphabet Day (한글날, Romanized as either Hangŭl Day or Hangeul Day) is celebrated on October 9 in South Korea, and on January 15 in North Korea (known there as Chosŏn’gŭl Day). The holiday observance honors the creation of the modern Korean alphabet by the Korean king Sejong the Great (created in 1443 and proclaimed in 1446).