This IAP, MIT students will have the opportunity to jumpstart their language study with an introductory class that covers an entire semester in just four weeks: Arabic I, Chinese I, French I, German I, Japanese I, Portuguese I, Korean I, Russian I, or Spanish I.

Our perennially popular Chinese Calligraphy class will also offer students the chance to learn the ancient art of Chinese brush writing with expert guidance from instructors Kang Zhou and Panpan Gao. This HASS-A subject is open to all students regardless of language background or study.

This IAP, we are also offering a new special subject: 21G.S08 Intro to Ukrainian Language and Culture for 9 units of credit. This subject combines foundational language skills with an exploration of the tradition, literature, music and arts of Ukraine. This class carries 9 units, and will run from January 9 to January 27.

For students with some prior knowledge of German, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your conversation skills in a fully online class, German Oral Communication: Online Immersion, taught by Dagmar Jaeger. This class carries 9 units of HASS-H credit, and will run from January 9 to January 27.

Global Languages is excited to be offering an international experience to students of Chinese, through IAP Chinese Abroad in Taiwan. A group of select students will travel to Taiwan in January, and study Chinese language and culture with Haohsiang Liao and Prof Emma Teng at National Sun Yat-sen University.

Global Languages will be offering American Sign Language as a non-credit class, led by Andrew Bottoms. The class will be an introduction to aspects of American Sign Language and Deaf culture for those with no prior experience.

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact Global Languages Academic Administrator, Joyce Roberge (