On January 26, students from Global Language’s Chinese calligraphy class took over the Lobby of Building 10 to showcase their skills and invite onlookers to try their hand!

Panpan Gao is the instructor (pictured top photo below) of the class that was held over IAP. She reported:

“About 40 people stopped by. Quite a few came up and wrote New Year wishes with our students. Our students engaged with passersby, explaining calligraphy to those without any Chinese language background and teaching them how to write calligraphy. One person, in particular, sat down with us for almost 30 minutes, thoroughly intrigued and spending time writing various characters—she even requested a Chinese name from us. Additionally, we encountered some international students from China who shared their personal experiences of celebrating the Spring Festival back home. Moreover, we met an individual who had practiced Arabic Calligraphy before. He demonstrated how to write his Arabic name in calligraphy, which was truly fascinating.”