PubPub describes itself as an “open-source, community-led, end-to-end publishing platform for knowledge communities” with thousands of users. The PubPub “Community Spotlights” interviews users who have found innovative uses for the platform.

A recent “Spotlight” by PubPub featured interviews with Emma Teng, Maria Khotimsky, and Joseph Borkowski — Global Languages faculty and staff — about how PubPub can be used in an educational setting.

Professor Emma Teng discusses her class 21H.352 / 21G.042 Three Kingdoms: From History to Fiction, Comic, Film, and Game. This class traces adaptations of the great Chinese epic novel, Three Kingdoms, across time and across diverse media. Using Pubpub, Teng pointed out, allowed her and her students to have “a multimedia platform where we … could share ideas and interpretations of the novel and its contemporary media adaptations together.” Read full interview

Senior Lecturer Maria Khotimsky was interviewed about how she and Professor Elizabeth Wood employed PubPub for their class 21H.144 / 21G.087 Introduction to Russian Studies. Khotimsky said that the platform allowed students to workshop their ideas and to share their writing and links to resources with other students, thus allowing the class to incorporate video, social media, and other sources in their studies. Read full interview

Instructional technologist Joseph Borkowski has played a critical role in helping instructors find and use the technology they need to realize their educational goals. Borkowski explains that his perspective is that, “The most important consideration is ensuring that the choice and use of digital tools align with learning outcomes expected for the activity or course. It’s easy to be swept up in a presentation or a trend without making these explicit connections.” Read full interview.