Dear Global Languages students,

We are all missing you here in Global Languages and the whole team is busily preparing to launch our remote teaching on March 30. It’s a new challenge for us all, but everyone is pitching in in true MIT spirit to meet this challenge with enthusiasm and dedication. Everyone across language groups has been sharing ideas and tips for remote teaching and brainstorming ways to make the virtual classroom as robust and creative as possible. We are all working from home which means we are getting plenty of practice with new tools and applications, so we can be ready to welcome you back into our classrooms at the end of the month. I think I can safely speak for the whole group to say that we are very excited to connect with you all again, and resume the adventure of language and culture learning together.

Once remote instruction is up and running, we will also turn our attention to seeing if there are creative ways we can maintain this vibrant community of language and culture learners through social media or other means. Stay in touch with us!

It is very difficult for all of us when our beloved community has been dispersed. Please know you are always in our thoughts. We offer you the following multilingual phrases of encouragement:

加油! / Add oil!
Courage! Tenez bon! / Be brave and stay strong!
Не падайте духом! / Keep your spirits up!
파이팅! / Go for it!
Haltet die Ohren steif! / Hold your ears up!
¡Ánimo con todo! / Hang in there!
頑張って!/ Do your best and never give up!
Chin up! / Stay strong!
Força e bola pra frente! / Keep moving the ball forward!