New subject! 21G.342 French Pop Music

The literary, political and social traditions of “la chanson française.” Examines cabaret songs, yéyés, and French rap, the influences of world music, the role of television and cinema, and the influence of dance and living art. Prereq: 21G.304 or permission of instructor. 21G.342 is taught in French by Bruno Perreau.

21G.S04 Special Subject: Three Kingdoms — From History to Fiction to Video Games

Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel tells the story of the dissolution of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220) and its division into three warring kingdoms. A story of power, diplomacy, war, and strategy; of human character, virtues and evils, heroism and human failings. Three competing models of political authority are presented. Which will win?  Taught in English by Emma Teng.

21G.S05 Special Subject: Spanish for Medicine and Health

This course focuses on building specialized medical terminology and developing the linguistic skills needed to effectively communicate with, assess, and care for Spanish-speaking patients in clinical settings. It develops cross-cultural competence and awareness by giving special consideration to relevant cultural differences and how they may impact the doctor-patient relationship. It also discusses major health issues (such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, HIV) that affect Hispanic communities in the United States, with a focus on prevention and education, as well as barriers to access medical care. It offers extensive practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing using authentic materials (journalistic articles, patient educational materials, videos, podcasts) and communicative activities (pair and small-group work, simulations, debates, etc.) to develop the proficiency needed to pursue further language study at the intermediate level. Taught in Spanish by Mariana San Martin.

21G.S06 Special Subject: Korean VI

This course enables students to understand current social trends in Korea and to develop cross-cultural insights by comparing Korean society with the students’ own societies. Students deal more extensively with a variety of topics, such as Korean proverbs, traditional and contemporary lifestyles of Korean people, contemporary pop culture, and other related topics, in order to gain greater knowledge of Korean culture and a deeper awareness of the role that culture and social behavior play in effective communication. Furthermore, students develop a high level of fluency and accuracy in their linguistic/pragmatic competence and performance. Taught in Korean by Hee-Jeong Jeong.

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