Teaching Basic Chinese Grammar
Editor-in-Chief Tong Chen
Edited by Min Wan, Mairead Harris, Yuqi Gao, Lijuan Guo
published in January 2020 by Cheng & Tsui

Tong Chen is Editor-In-Chief of Teaching Basic Chinese Grammar published in January. The book “distills the knowledge and expertise of active, seasoned instructors,” in the words of the publisher, Cheng & Tsui.

This handbook for Chinese I teachers fills an improtant role, as there are not many books on the topic. Of particular interest is the material throughout the book on error analysis that teachers and graduate students alike will find very helpful. The book was several years in the making and based in part on the experiences of Tong Chen who teaches Chinese at MIT and at Middlebury College, where he is a lead instructor at the Summer School.

Tong Chen has been teaching Chinese at MIT since 1997. Chen’s research interest includes the use of multi-media in the teaching and learning of Chinese language, language pedagogy, second language acquisition, an oral history project of the Cultural Revolution in China, and an oral history project of Generations in Change.