This project aims to explore how technology can support “serendipitous learning,” a novel learning concept where a learner can acquire linguistic knowledge through serendipitous instances that overlap with their daily activities. Serendipitous learning often takes place accidentally or incidentally, any time and any place, and it transforms our living environment into a learning environment. By taking advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens and various types of APIs (application program interfaces) available on the cloud, we created several applications that could instantiate meaningful context-embedded learning experiences. This project was an initial step to advance the use of augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) technologies for language learning, and we continue exploring new learning concepts and experiences by developing AR/VR-based applications. The project is a collaboration with the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Media Lab, MIT.

Project dates: 2017-2018
Project Lead: Takako Aikawa