Cathy Culot is a lecturer in French. She teaches primarily at the intermediate-level French, including 21G.308 : Writing (Like the) French. Prior to joining MIT, she completed Master’s studies at Witicha State University, and was an Assistant Professor in English at the University of Puerto Rico, where she also taught French courses. She is co-director of the MIT-Belgium Program.

Culot has published her work on bilingualism and multiculturalism in multilingual countries, such as Belgium, in the International Journal of Arts and Sciences. She also developed an online multimedia archive, “The Heart of Europe: Belgium Unveiled by its Contemporary Artists” and an interactive digital teaching module on Tintin and the Blue Lotus to introduce cultural representation in 1930’s Francophone European media.

Culot’s pedagogical interests include the use of the arts in teaching language and culture; bilingualism and cultural identity; and visual media in language education.

MA Wichita State University
BA Indiana University