Javier Barroso is a Lecturer in Spanish, teaching from introductory to advanced levels, and to heritage learners. He revised 21G.700 Introductory Spanish for Heritage Learners to expand availability to second-generation and other heritage learners. Prior to joining Global Languages he was the Spanish Project Manager and Advisor at the Open Language Resource Center at the University of Kansas, where he completed his doctoral studies.

Barroso is the co-author and developer of AccessoHub: Forma y Funcion, an online grammar text for intermediate Spanish learners. He is also active in minority education and diversity efforts on the MIT campus, and frequently presents his pedagogical work at Latin American Studies and language pedagogical society conferences.

Javier Barroso’s pedagogical interests include pedagogical technology and integration of language and culture in the classroom, with a focus on Latin American fictional narratives, history, and politics.

PhD University of Kansas
MA Texas A&M International University
BA Texas A&M International University