Maria Khotimsky is a Senior Lecturer in Russian. She developed and leads the Russian language curriculum, teaching at all levels. She also leads 21G.077 Introduction to the Classics of Russian Literature. Prior to joining MIT in 2012, she completed doctoral studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures at at the Davis Center of Harvard University.

Khotimsky is the co-editor of two volumes on the poetry of Olga Sedakova, The Poetry and Poetics of Olga Sedakova: Origins, Philosophies, Points of Contention (2019) and Olga Sedakova: stikhi, smysly, prochteniia [Olga Sedakova: Poems, Meanings, and Interpretations] (2017), and has contributed to volumes on the practice of Russian translation. She regularly presents on Russian literature, translation, and language pedagogical topics in local and national society meetings.

Khotimsky’s research and pedagogical interests include the history of literary translation in Russia, cross-cultural exchanges through translation, content-based language pedagogy, and contemporary Russian poetry. Her recent work includes articles and conference talks on the ideology of translation in the Soviet Union, and the poetics of translation in the works of several leading twentieth-century Russian poets.

PhD Harvard University
BA Lobachevsky State University, Russia