MIT Global Languages Pedagogy Lecture Series hosted Jamie Rankin for a lecture March 31 entitled “How can I learn all these words?: Research-based strategies for teaching and learning L2 vocabulary.” About 70 educators and scholars from around the country participated in the Zoom meeting.

This talk addressed issues in L2 vocabulary acquisition: What is the relationship between vocabulary, text coverage and reading comprehension? What role does vocabulary currently play in L2 textbooks? How can research into L2 vocabulary inform classroom praxis? A video of the talk can be accessed below.

Jamie Rankin is a Senior Lecturer in the German Department at Princeton University, focusing on second language acquisition, teacher training and curriculum development. Since 2015 he has also served as the Director of the Princeton Center for Language Study, a program that provides instructors and students in all languages on campus with workshops, reading groups, resources for conferences and research, access to telecollaborative language instruction, and opportunities for ongoing professional development.

Attendees were welcomed by Emma Teng, Director, Global Languages; and the speaker was introduced by Dagmar Jaeger, Lecturer in German at Global Languages.