Left to right: Remi Mir, Daniel Stone, Lecturer Tong Chen, Lecturer AC Kemp, Professor Ian Condry, Brian Alejandro, Lecturer Eric Grunwald, Chandler Schlupf.

On April 24, 2014, the Foreign Languages and Literatures Award for Excellence winners were announced at a reception.

Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages and Literatures
Given to undergraduates who achieve proficiency in a foreign language, cultural understanding and enthusiasm for foreign language learning.

  • Award for Excellence: Chandler Schlupf ’14, Hopedale, MA
  • Distinguished Student: Brian Alejandro ’14, Bedford, NH
  • Distinguished Student: Ignat Kalinov ’14, Sofia, Bulgaria

Isabelle de Courtivron Prize
For excellent student writing on topics related to immigrant, diaspora, bicultural, bilingual, and/or mixed-race experiences.

  • First Prize: Remi Mir ’17, Woodside, NY
  • First Prize: Daniel Stone ’17, Lagos, Nigeria

Award for Excellence in German Studies
For outstanding performance in the study of German language and culture.

  • First Prize: Fabiana Zappala ’16, Miami, FL
  • First Prize: Charles Xu ’15, Lafayette, CO
  • Second Prize: Warut Suksompong G, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Second Prize: Christopher Rogers ’16, Levittown, NY
  • Second Prize: Matthew Cavuto ’17, Skillman, NJ
  • Third Prize: Jelimo Maswan ’14, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Third Prize: Marianna Agudelo ’16, Roswell, GA
  • Third Prize: Christina Curlette ’16, Stone Mountain, GA
  • Third Prize: Robert Jones ’16, Chester, VA
  • Third Prize: Mohamad Mirhi G, Saida, Lebanon
  • Third Prize: Anne Huang ’14, Burlingame, CA
  • Third Prize: Ahhyun Stephanie Nam G, Seoul, South Korea
  • Third Prize: Sonia Holar ’17, Arlington, VA

January Scholars in France
For excellence in French studies.

  • Meera Chander ’14, Carmel, IN
  • Paula Gonzalez ’14, Waldwick, NJ
  • Beth Hadley ’15, Novi, MI
  • Christian Infante ’16, Plantation, FL
  • Kelsey Jamieson ’16, Andover, MA
  • Patricia Mayer ’14, Cooper City, FL
  • Neha Patki ’15, San Jose, CA
  • Eduardo Seyffert ’13, El Paso, TX