Tutmonda First-Year Learning Community is designed to foster community among entering first-year students who view international experiences as central to their educational trajectories at MIT;

Tutmonda is a cohort of students who are committed to exploring MIT’s “Global Classroom” by learning new languages and cultures, and to promoting cross-cultural understanding on campus.

As a collaboration between MIT Global Languages (Course 21G) and MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives), Tutmonda will offer a range of enrichment activities relating to languages, cultures, international relations, and global programs at MIT. In addition to enrolling in a language/culture class at MIT in their first year, participating students are expected to attend a weekly informal, noncredit learning community meeting. These weekly meetings will enhance students’ language-learning experiences by extending their engagement with the cultures and societies where their target language is spoken, while also providing a global comparative context for their language and culture education. Students will also be introduced to MISTI, Global Teaching Labs, D-Lab, IAP-Madrid, January Scholars in France, IAP-Shenzhen, and other international opportunities at MIT.

In AY2021, a focus theme will be global responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, including how policies and policy implementation are affected by culture.

Each month we will have asynchronous materials available to the community in addition to our weekly synchronous meeting. We will have a Food of the Month, Film of the Month, Virtual Museum of the Month, Painting of the Month, Composer of the Month, and a Puzzle of the Month: all from different cultures across Tutmonda. Our Tutmonda Slack community will provide a means for you to connect, practice conversation in your new language, or share your favorite international recipe or song.

In some cases, there will be a video or film to watch, readings, or a website to peruse in advance of the weekly meeting. All activities and assignments can be viewed through the Canvas calendar.

Please note Tutmonda is not a class, so we are in the “sandbox” section of Canvas. Come play!