What to do when “the most loving and dedicated teachers in the world (MIT Chinese Dept) ask you to make a video on your phone for CP(W)”?

Josh Woodard (Course 2, Class of 2018) created this video showing his current life in Shenzhen, China, where he is working as a project manager in an engineering firm. Speaking from his own experience, he cited the “usual” reasons to learn Chinese:

  • 1. China’s increasingly prominent economic position
  • 2. <20% of the world speaks Chinese
  • 3. Rising Chinese influence in Africa, Latin America, and the USA

…as well as the “extras”:

  • 4. Learning can provide new lens for understanding yourself/your country
  • 5. Unique employment/entrepreneurship opportunities
  • 6. Gaining first-hand experience with the world’s manufacturing center
  • 7. The food outchea is lit
  • 8. Speaking Chinese has great conversational shock value

Before getting down to the bottom line:

“But, I think, what is especially relevant as a current or future MIT student is the fact that you are expected to be the next world leader.”

Watch this video to see Josh’s adventures in China!