In September, the French group celebrated the 20-year anniversary January Scholars in France with a dinner at Ostra restaurant in Boston. We were delighted to welcome current and former French faculty, current students and alumni, and friends of the program.

Above: Cathy Culot, Lecturer in French; Edward Baron Turk, John E. Burchard Professor Emeritus of the Humanities; Bruno Perreau, Cynthia L. Reed Professor of French Studies; and Cynthia L. Reed.

Below: Attendees (starting front left, and moving clockwise): Cathy Culot, Kelsey Jamieson, Gilberte Furstenberg, Alexis R. de Sieno, Bruno Perreau, Jerry Trejo, Cynthia L. Reed, Nasheed Jamal, John Reed, Rossana Ivanova, Shruti Sharma, Jeremy Cowham, Yi Jun Yang, Leanna Rezvani, Erick Gonzalez, Eugenia Lyashenko, Eva Dessein, Neha Patki, Çaglar Girit, Edward Turk, Elliott Akama-Garren, Catherine Clark, Sule Kahraman.