The annual conference of the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT) is a showcase for developments in technology in service of second language pedagogies.

Ana Yáñez, Mariana San Martin, and Joseph Borkowski, MIT Global Languages attendees of this year’s conference, will lead a workshop on one of its most-discussed topics: the creation and use of 360-degree video in the language classroom.

Using tools that students and instructors already possess, 360 video facilitates an interactive, first-person perspective on both everyday and unfamiliar scenes. It also provides a gateway to educational applications of augmented and virtual reality with a relatively low barrier to entry.

Those wishing to create a demo task should have a Google account and laptop, and bring a smartphone with the following apps installed:

  • Google Expeditions
  • Google Cardboard
  • Google Cardboard Camera


  • Lecturer in Spanish

Ana Yáñez Rodríguez is a Lecturer in Spanish at MIT.

  • Lecturer in Spanish

Mariana San Martín is a Lecturer in Spanish in MIT Global Languages.

  • Systems Administrator and Instructional Technologist

Joseph Borkowski is the Systems Administrator & Instructional Technologist for Global Languages at MIT.