SambaViva will lead classes in a variety of Brazilian dance genres, including Brazilian funk, axé, samba reggae, samba no pé! Students should come prepared to move, have fun and take a musical journey! No previous experience is necessary.

SambaViva is an internationally recognized dance and music ensemble dedicated to authentically presenting and promoting Brazilian culture. SambaViva has been offering samba and Afro-Brazilian classes for over 10 years. Classes are a cornerstone of their mission to share the enthusiasm for Brazil with people of all ages, genders, and abilities.

Dates and times:

10/30 – 1pm
11/06 – 4pm
11/13 – 4pm
12/04 – 1pm

Fill out this form if you want to attend, and you will be sent the Zoom link and password. Once you register for one event, you will be added to the Brasilidade Series mailing list, so that you will not need to re-register for subsequent events.


Rachel (10/30 and 12/4) – 1pm
Rachel discovered samba in 2001 and her life was changed forever. Learning samba ignited a passion for dance and for Brazil’s rich culture and exuberant energy. Rachel progressed from learning to performing to teaching samba and other Afro-Brazilian styles while studying at the Brazilian Cultural Center of New England. She performed with the Center’s percussion group, Samba Tremeterra, for ten years. In addition to her training at the BCCNE, Rachel has studied samba no pé, samba de gafieira, afoxé, axé, and other Brazilian dances with teachers based in New York and all over Brazil.

Inès (11/6 and 11/13) – 4pm
It is no coincidence that Inès fell for samba and Brazilian culture a few years ago. When she was a child, in Tunisia, her mother taught her how to belly dance, isolate and control her hips, and move graciously her arms and upper body. Later on, Inès developed a curiosity for a variety of West African dances, Caribbean dances and contemporary dance. Inès started dancing samba no pé in 2013 with Rachel and Randi and continuously worked on improving her skills with professionals in Brazil but also around the US and in France. Her passion for Brazilian culture expresses itself through her trips to Brazil, her professional interests in Brazilian cinema and literature, the teaching of Portuguese language, and her endless dedication to dance samba. Through her performance, Inès sees an opportunity to connect her Burkinabé and Tunisian roots with samba, as well as explore new connections in terms of rhythms and body movements.

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