Global Languages colloquia are Informal presentations on current research by faculty, lecturers, and visiting scholars, giving individual presentations or informal group panels


  • “Enhancing sense of communication with asynchronous lecture video,” Panpan Gao
  • “Book Creator: What is your name?,” Min-Min Liang
  • “Designing a Japanese Language Course for Professional Communication,” Takako Aikawa, Wakana Maekawa, Masami Ikeda-Lamm


  • Lecturer in Chinese

Panpan Gao is a Lecturer in Chinese in MIT Global Languages.

  • Lecturer in Chinese

Min-Min Liang is a Lecturer in Chinese at MIT.

  • Senior Lecturer in Japanese

Takako Aikawa is a Senior Lecturer in Japanese at MIT. Her pedagogical research foci include the incorporation of technology in language education, the use of corpus data in language learning, and natural language processing.

  • Lecturer in Japanese

Wakana Maekawa is a Lecturer in Japanese in MIT Global Languages.

  • Lecturer in Japanese

Masami Ikeda is a lecturer in Japanese at MIT.