Are you a heritage language speaker? Have you ever wondered if other heritage speakers share similar experiences? Come to our “Heritage Meets Heritage” event to connect with other students from diverse languages and cultures.

Heritage Meets Heritage
Thursday 10.27.22

5:00 pm
Bush Room (10-105)

Maybe you’ve experienced having to navigate between two (or more) languages and cultures. Maybe you’ve wondered if you can consider yourself “bilingual.” Whatever the language or culture of your home environment, we hope to provide an event where you can explore your experiences and share with others who have had common experiences, but maybe speak a different heritage language. Our event will feature:

  • Music
  • Games and prizes
  • Food from around the world

This event is open to MIT students who are heritage language speakers or want to learn more.

This event is brought to you with support of Global Languages, MISTI, and Hermanas Unidas.