January Scholars is a program that brings MIT undergraduates to Paris for two weeks of cultural and linguistic immersion. The trip is led by MIT French instructional staff and Paris-based tour guides.

The theme for this year’s trip is “The Politics of Food.” We will explore the history, culture, and politics of food. Where does food in Paris come from? How did the Parisian population feed itself over the centuries? How has food and cooking been part of the city’s identity? How have people from around France and all over the world brought their own food cultures to Paris?

We’ll dig into all of these questions and more on this two-week cultural, linguistic, and culinary immersion in the French capital.

  • Trip dates: January 9-23, 2023
  • Open to MIT undergraduates. Preference given to French majors, minors, concentrators, and those with demonstrated commitment to French Studies at MIT.
  • Flights, hotel, and group trips costs are covered by MIT.
  • Apply by Monday, October 17, 2022 (by midnight).


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