Tong Chen, along with Min Wan, co-authored a new textbook for intermediate-high and advanced-low non-heritage students China from Different Perspectives.

The book is available now as an ebook, and available soon on paper. A number of area campuses have arleady incorpoated the book into their curricula. The publisher is Phoenix Tree Publishing, the North America subsidiary of Beijing Language and Culture University Press.

The book has twelve lessons, divided into six thematic units that provide linguistic lessons, as well as cultural and historical context: “One Child Policy and Their Education,” “Marriage and Family,” “Food and Festivals,” “Society and Its Changes,” “Songs and History,” and “Internet and Modern Life.”

Tong Chen has taught Chinese at MIT since 1997. His research interests include the use of multi-media in the teaching and learning of Chinese language, language pedagogy, second language acquisition, an oral history project of the Cultural Revolution in China, and an oral history project of Generations in Change.