An open-access website, “Telemosty” (or “Telebridges”) offers sets of topics and conversation tasks for supporting language exchanges between students who are learning Russian and English.

Based on the ACTFL proficiency level and topics commonly taught in college-level language classes, this website offers students an opportunity for practicing the language with native speakers. Each topic includes a set of questions as well as interactive activities (such as role play tasks, discussion topics, and interactive games) that can be used in conversations with native speakers, as well as in individual practice. This is the pilot year of the website, and additional topics will be added based on participant feedback.

Maria Khotimsky has initiated this project based on conversation exchanges between SkolTech and MIT students. She collaborated with Dr. Marina Alexandrova (UT Austin) and Iringa Kogel (Davidson College) to develop this open-access resource that will support Russian language instruction in and out of the classroom.

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