Elena Osipova, of St. Petersburg, has been using her art to protest the war.

Russian Language Day was established by UNESCO in 2010, and it is observed on June 6, the birthday of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. On this day, as instructors of Russian language and culture, we extend our empathy to the people of Ukraine and those in Russia who stand for peace, as Elena Osipova, whose art is pictured above.

This year, three students in the Class of 2022, Tyrone Davis, Mariela Perez-Cabarcas, and Erik Thompson, graduated with a minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies. We congratulate them on their degree, and we hope they will be able to use their knowledge to foster peace and understanding.

At MIT Global Languages, we are committed to thoughtful and reflective teaching of language and culture; we will continue to offer space for questioning and reflection, and encouraging our students to think about history responsibly and critically.

We are sharing some resources about culture and language within the context of the war by scholars at MIT:

  • MIT News article Q&A with MIT Professor Elizabeth Wood on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • Mother Jones interview with MIT Professor Kate Brown about the capture of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant factory in February, 2022

Read an interview with Tyrone Davis III and Mariela Perez-Cabarcas who went to Russia during IAP through MIT Global Teaching Labs, and explain their reaction to events that unfolded following their visit.

Tyrone Davis III and Mariela Perez-Cabarcas