The Chinese language group had a year-end celebration on May 8. Seventy students of Chinese enjoyed Chinese food, engaged in games, socialized with teachers and other students, and celebrated the successful conclusion of the semester.

In addition to guessing Chinese character riddles and reading tongue twisters together, there was also a quiz and lottery, where everyone learned about ancient Chinese technology knowledge and the history of Chinese international students studying at MIT.

A highlight of this event the awarding of certificates and student prizes.

Six MIT students were admitted to the CLTA National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society. This society, sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association, was founded to recognize the outstanding academic achievement of college students in learning Chinese as a second language, encourage them to continue studying Chinese after they graduate from college, and promote the study of Chinese language, literature, and culture in the United States. The six admitted MIT students are: Sebastian Alberdi, ’24; Umang Bansal, ’23; Anna Chau, ’23; Louise Lima, ’23; Emily Warren, ’25; and Ian Williams, ’23.

Three students were recognized for prizes they were awarded in April at the Third Annual Chinese Character Art Exhibition organized by the Chinese Department of the University of Pennsylvania. Contestants came from major universities in the United States, and the judges selected the ten most creative works. Our award-winning students explored the relationship between calligraphy and writing materials and demonstrated the interaction between traditional calligraphy and modern technology. MIT students Katherine Huang, ’23; and Peihua Huang, ’24 together with Kristina Chen, ’23 won prizes.


Sebastian Alberdi, ’24 (left)

Umang Bansal, ’23 (left)

Anna Chau, ’23 (right)

Emily Warren, ’25 (left)

Ian Williams, ’23