With over 220 million speakers in 29 countries on five continents, French plays a significant role in the global economy and culture, and in the sciences. Our French and Francophone Studies classes prepare students for a broad range of international engagements, including participation in programs such as MISTI France, Belgium and Switzerland, MIT-Africa, MIT-Middle East and January Scholars in France.

The French and Francophone Studies curriculum offers opportunities to all students from the elementary level to the most advanced courses, spanning language, literature, intercultural studies, critical theory, French politics and society, gender and queer studies, French history, film studies, visual culture, Francophone African Studies, and cultural anthropology. The diversity of course offerings and the personal attention in small group classes create engaging and rewarding experiences for each student.

Subjects in French Studies may be applied to the French major, minor, or Concentration. Learn more about the French program requirements at the Academic Programs page. Advisors for these programs are below. Students uncertain what level of French language to take should refer to placement information. Information on transfer credit is available here.

French Concentration/Minor/Major: Bruno Perreau
Global Languages French Studies group: Cathy Culot | Leanna Rezvani | Isadora Nicholas | Larysa Smirnova

IAP 2022

21G.301/351 French I

Spring 2022

21G.054 France: Enlightenment and Revolution
21G.301/351 French I
21G.302/352 French II
21G.303 French III
21G.304 French IV
21G.310 French Conversation: Intensive Practice
21G.312 Basic Themes in French Literature and Culture
21G.346 Topics in Modern French Literature and Culture
21G.353 Understanding Contemporary French Politics

21G. 312: Basic Themes in French Literature and Culture: A Tour of Belgium in 80 Days
The main objective of this course is to gain a better understanding of contemporary Belgium through an exploration of Belgian culture with a study of Belgium’s history and its successes in various areas including the arts and international politics. Readings and group discussions will help students increase their oral and written communication skills and put their findings in a historical and sociopolitical context. Topics such as Belgian history, Belgian colonization, Art Nouveau, comic strips, the European Union, Belgian surrealism and Belgian literature among others will be explored. Taught in French.

21G.346 Topics in Modern French Literature and Culture: Masterpieces of French Cinema
In this course, we will visit the « masterpieces » of French cinema – world-renowned works by legendary French directors to better understand the central position Cinema occupies within French culture. From the earliest short films of the Lumière Brothers to contemporary feature length works, we will examine both the qualities of individual films and the cultural and historical factors that have shaped the development of the medium. Emphasis throughout the semester will be on close readings of the films. The course is taught in French.

A note regarding the enrollment policy of the Global Languages: Enrollment limited to 18 for pedagogical reasons. Preference will be given to pre-registered students, including pre-registered undergraduates who were cut from the same class the previous semester due to the enrollment cap. Please note that you have to attend the first day of class to maintain your preference level. In case of over-enrollment, preference will be given in the following order: declared majors, declared minors, declared concentrators, first-years, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students.