[This event was postponed due to Covid-19 precautions]

Global Languages Pedagogy Lecture Series presents:

This presentation will engage the notion of design and design thinking to envision how it can be applied to L2 instruction and, more broadly, to L2 learning. In English, design is both a process and a product. We will take this double meaning of the word as a point of departure to examine how it can be applied to approaching L2 students and course design, as well as to students’ projects. Examples will be taken from one undergraduate course, a multi-year project (the App Farm), and teacher training, with a focus on the use of games.

Dr. Sébastien Dubreil is Teaching Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Second Language Acquisition, and Technology-Enhanced Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. Specializing in Computer-Assisted Language Learning, his research interests focus on the use of technology in fostering transcultural learning. His most recent research examines the notions of social pedagogies, linguistic landscapes, and game-based language learning. He co-authored Alliages culturels: La société française en transformation (2014, with Heather Willis Allen) and co-edited Engaging the World: Social Pedagogies and Language Learning (2017 with Dr. Steven Thorne). He is working on Bonne Chance, a gaming project, with Cary Staples and a team of graduate and undergraduate students. Bonne Chance was a finalist for the 2015 Reimagine Education conference.

Events in this series

  • Mon. Feb 24 – Felix Kronenberg, “Designing Physical Language Learning Spaces in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing”
  • Mon. Mar 9 – Angelika Kraemer, “Languages Across the Curriculum”
  • Mon. Apr 27 – Sébastien Dubreil: “Design thinking and/in L2 learning”


Sébastien Dubreil
  • Teaching Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Second Language Acquisition and Technology-Enhanced Learning, Carnegie Melllon University