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Global Languages colloquia are informal presentations on current research by faculty, lecturers, and visiting scholars, giving individual presentations or informal group panels.

Title: Approaches to Hybrid Courses: Development of the hybrid Japanese classes with synchronous zoom instruction

Speaker: Takako Aikawa 


In this talk, Takako Aikawa will present a high-level overview of the hybrid third-year Japanese classes that she has developed. In these classes, she adopted synchronous zoom instruction. She will first provide the motivation/rationale for this hybrid model. Next, she will describe how these hybrid classes differ from the previous non-hybrid ones with respect to their curriculum designs and learning activities. Lastly, she will share the feedback from her students who took this hybrid class last fall.

Title: Reflections on Hybrid Teaching Mode in Portuguese and Russian Classes

Speaker: Nilma Dominque and Maria Khotimsky


Nilma Dominique and Maria Khotimsky will discuss their approaches to Hybrid versions of Tier I and Tier II classes in their programs. Portuguese I-IV classes are taught in the new Hybrid mode (three in-person meetings on M, W, F, and one asynchronous day) in the current academic year. Russian II, III, and IV classes follow the same model.  In our presentation, we’ll share our pedagogical considerations in proposing and implementing this model, discuss developing different options for the asynchronous class hour, share student feedback from the fall semester, and reflect on “lessons learned” in our own experience of curriculum redesign and classroom practice.

Location: Zoom Link  (Open to MIT community. MIT ID authentication required)


  • Senior Lecturer in Japanese

Takako Aikawa is a Senior Lecturer in Japanese at MIT. Her pedagogical research foci include the incorporation of technology in language education, the use of corpus data in language learning, and natural language processing.

  • Lecturer in Portuguese

Nilma Dominique is a Lecturer in Portuguese.

  • Senior Lecturer in Russian

Maria Khotimsky is a Senior Lecturer in Russian at MIT.