François Truffaut’s “Jules et Jim”

Thanks to all who participated in our Summer 2020 series! The discussion series is now concluded, but you can still watch the video-taped introductions by our film experts and the films on your own time. Throw a DIY watch party!

Whether you like epic adventure, comedy, romance, detective thriller, documentary, classic French New Wave, you name it, we have something for you. The selected films touch on themes of ambition, betrayal, environmentalism, settler colonialism, race, justice, incarceration, gender, diaspora, longing and desire, social distancing, isolation, friendship, family, redemption, and more. Our faculty introducers bring diverse perspectives from an array of SHASS disciplines. Find links to the taped introductions and the films below. Note: If you have a technical problem viewing the film, try another browser or a VPN connection.

Video introductions by SHASS faculty for each film are available to the public. Links to the featured films are open to current MIT students, faculty and staff.